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Learn how the Lean theorem prover community is using Zulip.

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Zulip is the organized team chat app that is ideal for both live and asynchronous conversations. Coordinate with collaborators, post questions and ideas, and learn from others in your field.

Use topics to organize the discussion

  • Zulip topics create a separate space for each discussion.
  • Find active conversations, or see what happened while you were away, with the Recent conversations view.
  • Keep discussions orderly by moving or splitting topics when conversations digress.
  • Check out Zulip for communities to learn how Zulip empowers welcoming communities by making it easy to participate on your own time.
The Lean community switched from Gitter to Zulip in early 2018, and never looked back. Zulip’s model of conversations labeled with topics has been essential for organising research work and simultaneously onboarding newcomers as our community scaled. My experience with both the app and the website is extremely positive!
Kevin Buzzard, Professor of Pure Mathematics at Imperial College London
How the Lean prover community uses Zulip ↗

Lasting knowledge repository

+10 or maybe even 💯 for @zulip. Was originally put onto it by @five9a2 (thanks!). Have since used it at all levels - my research group (~10 ppl), my dept group (CS Theory, ~30 ppl), my research community (algebraic complexity), and small collaborations. All great!
— Joshua Grochow (@joshuagrochow), April 16, 2021

Powerful formatting

I've been using @zulip recently for my research collaborations, and I was pleasantly surprised how effective it is! The excellent LaTeX rendering and clever threading make it far superior to email and Slack. I found myself shifting most of my research correspondences to Zulip.
— Tom Gur (@TomGur), August 14, 2020

Interactive messaging

For more than a year, Zulip has been the cornerstone of our online Category Theory community. We greatly appreciate the seamless integration of Latex in every message as well as being able to get sidetracked (which, let's face it, happens a lot with mathematicians) without compromising an entire conversation: we can simply create a new topic for every tangent! Moreover, the flexible channels-and-topics system greatly helps us navigate through the constant influx of messages, as it is simple to tell if a message is relevant to one's interests.

All in all, Zulip enabled us to create an unprecedentedly extensive, active and vibrant community for all category theory enthusiasts out there.
Stelios Tsampas, postdoctoral researcher at FAU

Flexible administration and moderation

When and how you want it

As a research consortium spread across 14 locations in Germany, we use Zulip to communicate with each other in a low-threshold manner, without the overhead of email. Even with more than 200 users across different institutions, Zulip’s model of topic-labeled conversations makes it easy for our team members to keep up-to-date on what's relevant, and work productively together.
— Christina Schüttler, IT department Team Lead, University Hospital Erlangen

Make the move today

I have to use Slack for some other research groups I collaborate with, but my own graduate students voted to switch to Zulip a few years ago and it's just vastly better.
Keith Winstein, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University