Self-host Zulip today.

Open-source team chat with enterprise-grade reliability and security.

100% open-source software.

When you self-host Zulip, you get the same software as our Zulip Cloud customers.

Unlike the competition, you don't pay for SAML authentication, LDAP sync, or advanced roles and permissions. There is no “open core” catch — just freely available world-class software.

Enterprise-grade security and compliance.

Protect your sensitive conversations and simplify compliance by self-hosting Zulip behind your firewall.

Zulip's authentication and permissions systems are designed to flexibly support every organization's security tools and policies.

Making sure your information stays protected is our highest priority.

Take charge of your mission-critical communication platform.

Keep full control of your data and avoid unpredictable downtime from SaaS team chat vendors by hosting Zulip on your own infrastructure.

Our extensive configuration options let you set up Zulip to suit the needs of your organization. Zulip offers over one hundred native integrations, and hundreds more via third-party extensions.

Installation and upgrades that Just Work.

Our well-documented scripts help you setup, backup, and upgrade your self-hosted Zulip installation. Migrate your data and integrations from other chat tools for a smooth transition.

Self-host Zulip directly on Ubuntu or Debian Linux, in Docker, or with prebuilt images for Digital Ocean and Render.

Zulip was quite easy to set up, and worked instantly. 1000 people — no problem.
— Erik Dittert, Head of IT at GUT contact
Zulip has been extremely stable and requires no maintenance beyond installing updates.
— Robert Imschweiler, Technical University of Munich

Rock-solid reliability at scale.

Zulip is engineered to make every interaction snappy and efficient, even for organizations with 10,000s of users, with a simple deployment on modest hardware.

With a user experience designed to work great at any size, organizations that send thousands of messages per week thrive on Zulip.

No lock-in.

You can move freely between Zulip Cloud hosting and your own servers with our high quality export and import tools.

Zulip also supports exporting your organization's message history to a static HTML archive.

Yours to customize.

Creating custom integrations is a breeze with our well-documented REST API.

Zulip makes it easy to maintain a fork with customized features, with 175,000 words of documentation for system administrators and developers.

Amazing support experience.

We love getting feedback! Stop by our friendly development community to ask for help or suggest improvements.

A variety of support services are available for Zulip Business and Zulip Enterprise customers. Contact with any questions.

Zulip plans and pricing

You can move freely between Zulip Cloud hosting and your own servers with our high quality export and import tools.

Zulip Cloud

Simple managed solution.
Always up to date.




/user/month billed annually or $8 billed monthly

Upgrade to Standard



/user/month billed annually
or $12 billed monthly

Upgrade to Plus


Retain full control over your data.
100% open-source software.




/user/month billed monthly

$20/month off for the first year!
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Business 25 users minimum


/user/month billed annually or $8 billed monthly

$20/month off for the first year!
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